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Ergunbas Group, by Rüstem Ergünbaş, has succeeded in distinguishing itself from its competitors thanks to its unique production power and professional approach since 1997 and has been the pioneer of firsts. The first production facility started operating in Hatay in 2011. Currently, there are many production facilities with a total area of 73,000 m2. Ergunbas Group, the leader in its sector, is the most reliable manufacturer of the Middle East and Africa with more than 600 employees and exports to 35 countries.

  • Leading Manufacturer in Its Sector
  • Export to 35 Countries
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Irrigation Pipes

Ergünbaş Pipe, which produces and sells polyethylene (PE) irrigation pipes for the agricultural sector, provides services to the whole world from its Algerian production facilities.

Drip Irrigation Pipe

The drip irrigation pipe used for agricultural irrigation is the most preferred method by our farmers when growing their crops.

Flat Irrigation Pipe

They are irrigation pipes with thinner wall thickness and flatter drippers, which are used to irrigate plants at longer distances.

Round Irrigation Pipe

They are irrigation pipes with a thicker wall and rounder drippers, which are used for plant irrigation at shorter distances.

Sprinkler Pipe

Sprinkler irrigation system, as the name suggests, is an irrigation system similar to rain. It is sprayed into the air with the pipe system.

Ergunbas Group

Ergunbas Group, whose foundations were laid in 2011, carries out production activities in different sectors with its production facilities located on two continents and exports to 35 countries actively.

Production Capacity and Export

Ergunbas Group, which is the largest in its sector in the Middle East and North Africa with its production facilities of 73.000 m² in total, exports 80% of its production in Turkey and Algeria factories in the interior room doors and composite deck floor materials group.

  • 700
    Number of Employees
  • 35
    Export to Country


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